Craig Thayer was born and raised in a small town in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Boonville, NY. His musical interest was first piqued while listening to his father's Big Band Jazz albums at age 5. He took up playing the Trombone in the 4th grade and continued through the 7th grade when his world was turned upside down by a TV show featuring a new Rock 'n' Roll band from England, The Beatles.

Craig soon after taught himself to play the guitar and formed his first four piece Rock group, The Shapes, in 1967. He wrote his first song, Problems (of Today), with The Shapes and they recorded it in April of 1969 at Dell Music Recording Studio in Utica, NY. The 45 record was sold in local music stores and was played on the local radio station.

After The Shapes, Craig played in several rock bands in the northern New York area until the mid-70s when he attended Berklee College of Music for Arranging and Composition and later the University of North Texas for Jazz Education. At UNT he decided to change career direction and switched his curriculum to Computer Science.

He worked as a Software Engineer in several Fortune 500 and start-up companies for the next 35 years, but never gave up his dream of writing and recording his own music. He has now finally embarked on fulfilling that dream with the completion of his first album, Eclectric.

Eclectric is the culmination of eleven songs of differing musical genres spanning several decades and includes his first recorded song as a bonus track. Craig wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, played and sang all parts on the album except for Problems (of Today) which he wrote and played guitar and sang on.

After completing the Eclectric album, Craig went back to school for Audio Engineering to learn more about recording, mixing and mastering using the Pro Tools DAW software. He has now completed the Audio Engineering program and is resuming work on his second album, Two for the Road, which he plans to complete and release in 2020.